Cerebral Assessment Systems - Navigation

Project Overview:

CAS NAV (also known as VR Here) is a system we developed at the Cognitive Neuroscience Laboratory, lead by Dr. Charless Duffy at the University of Rochester Medical Center. It consists of a series of tests, using virtual-reality modelled after the first floor of Strong Memorial Hospital (URMC), with 10 different tests to assess a test-taker's navigation ability. A person can score from 0 to 100, the higher score indicates better navigation performance.

All parts of the virtual-reality, tests, and videos are made in-house, VR is built using Quake3 engine in C.


Demo Video (Click on the image for video):

   videos require Xvid MPEG-4 codec, can be downloaded from http://www.xvidmovies.com/codec/

   A test taker is first shown a walk-through of the first floor in the VR, then proceed to finish the 10 task-oriented tests.

   The following is the bird-eye view and some of the screen shots from the VR. Can you guess where they are from the    demo video?

hallway picture hallway2 elevators outside

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